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Queen of Samba 2009 - Samba Contest
To choose the best female samba dancers in Illinois.

Queen of Samba Contest 2009 - Rules and Regulations:
When: Saturday, January 17, 2009 - 10:00pm
What: The Queen of Samba - Contest, by the Chicago Samba.
Where: HotLoft (Fizz Bar & Grill), 3220 North Lincoln Avenue - Phone number: (773) 957-6073

This is an event/contest, hosted by Chicago Samba for 15 years, selects the best samba dancers in Illinois. "Samba no pe"
which means, the contestant should have samba in their feet, they must know how to dance and express themselves "Sambawise".
1st. Prize Queen of Samba - $300,00
2nd. Prize Princess of Samba - $150,00
Also, The Queen-2009 will have free admission to all Chicago Samba shows. (CS must have control of the door).
The Princess-2009 will have free admission throughout the year of 2009. (CS must have control of the door).
All the finalists will have invitations to work in shows and events with the Chicago Samba.

The participants must be a female, any nationality, any religion, color, race, etc over 21 years of age, and must reside in Illinois.
A panel of judges, audience, and the members of the Chicago Samba will determine who's going to be the next Queen.
The criteria for the points will be equally divided according to three following sections:
* 1/3 Audience participation * 1/3 The panel of judges * 1/3 Members of the Chicago Samba

What are we looking for our Queen and Princess of Samba?
*Samba-dance, the contestants will have to show innovation and authenticity, style and grace.
*Beauty, the contestants will be judged by their physical poise, overall appearance and coordination.
*Personality, the contestants may have to answer one or two simple questions.

There will be a pre-qualifying process at The HotLoft, schedule as followed:
Saturday, January 17 (same day of the event) - Around 10:30pm (The audience will choose 6 candidates)
There is no fee or charge to participate, but all the candidates must particiapte in the pre-qualifying process.
Only the pre-qualified contestants (total of 6 dancers) will be able to participate on the finals, same night, around 12:30am,
for the prize of "Queen of Samba - 2009".

For the pre-qualifying and for the contest dancers will be dancing (30" of Batucadas and 30" of Afoches) performed live by Chicago Samba.
They'll be wearing different styles of clothing, and feel free to wear whatever you think is appropriate and comfortable for the night
(bikinis are welcome!).

***The Queen of Samba of last year's contest CAN NOT participate in this year's contest. She will be able to come back and
participate for the following year, if desired. These Rules and Regulations will be available and printed, during the performances of
Chicago Samba, also it should be read by all the contestants before the contest.
I hope to see you there and please, be part of it. Good luck to all the participants.

Moacyr 'Momo' Marchini
Chicago Samba, Brazilian music and dance.
E-mail: moacyr@chicagosamba.com

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